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Section on Women’s Health offers multiple advertising spaces. Share your product or service with SoWH members! We offer multiple advertising, sponsorship and partnership opportunities across the SoWH website, education program course materials and membership outreach platforms such as email and social media. If you’d like to learn more about our sponsorship and advertising opportunity, please submit your information by clicking below. Our Director of Financial Development, Alexandra Hill, will be in touch soon.

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Contact Aika Barzhaxynova at Section on Women’s Health and ask any questions you have about our sponsorship and advertising options. Please note that if you do not get an immediate response, you will receive a follow up email from Aika within 1-2 business days, we stil receive your messages even when we are offline on the weekend. Aika is available 9am-5pm EST Monday-Friday. If you prefer to send an email, please direct your correspondence to [email protected] Thank you for your interest in our advertising and sponsorship opportunities!

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Order & Artwork Submission Due Dates:
CSM 2020 Advertising Order Form Submission: January 15, 2020
CSM 2020 Sponsorship Artwork Submission: January 20, 2020
Year-Round Course-Specific Sponsorship Order & Artwork Submission: 60 days before the specified course.


The Section on Women’s Health supports a highly targeted community of members, made up of PTs, PTAs and PT students. In addition, through our awareness efforts and resources, we reach thousands of patients, general physicians and the general public with this specific area of interest and expertise. We’re grateful for our advertising, affiliate and sponsorship partners and want to ensure we create an aligned partnerships in the effort of maintaining an authentic relationship with our members. We would love the opportunity to speak with you!

Please submit your information here to receive more details about our audience, reach and partnership capabilities. A member of our team will be in touch shortly!



Why advertise with SoWH?

1. Strong community. We have more than 3,300 members in the field (physical therapists, researchers, organizations and practitioners) who will receive your message. In addition to our 3,300 members, our advertising opportunities reach more than 1,000 domestic and international physical therapists attending our ongoing educational courses.

2. Precise target market. Our focus is on physical therapists who offer pelvic health physical therapy services to everyone from childbearing women to peri-menopausal mothers, young athletes to men with incontinence or other pelvic health complications.

3. Advertising support. We want you to stand out and make an impression so we will work with you define the optimal location and advertising opportunity based on your goals. We will help you craft an advertisement that will gain the attention of our members.

4. Tracking and analytics. With insightful analytics tools, we’ll be able to measure the success of your investment. We’ll report back analytics of click-rates, open rates, impressions and engagements based on the type of advertising medium used. We will discuss your goals and preferred tracking purposes before the campaign begins to ensure a win-win.

5. Year-round opportunity. We offer advertising packages* year round and advertising sponsorship packages during annual meeting events where your ads can gain even more exposure!



Advertising Guidelines

Competing Course Definitions and Guidelines

  1. A “competing course” is one that offers the same or similar educational content as SoWH courses, including and beyond CAPP or Collaborative Courses, and is aimed at the same target audience.
  1. A “non-competing course” is one that does not offer the same or similar educational content as SoWH courses, including and beyond CAPP or Collaborative Courses, even if aimed at the same target audience
  1. Target audience: physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, physical therapy students, and physical therapy assistant students.
  1. The Director of Financial Development, Director of Programming, and/or Director of Education will make the final decision to determine if a course is considered to be a “competing course” and if it markets services appropriately.

Guidelines for vetting potential advertisers 

  1. The Board will be alerted and given opportunity to comment on any potential advertiser. The final decision for accepting or declining advertisers will be made by the Director of Financial Development.  The Director of Programming, Director of Education, Director of Research, and Executive Director may also be involved with the final decision making.
  1. The company, product, and/or course shall align with the SoWH mission and vision.
  1. If appropriate, the advertiser must provide adequate amount of specific and at least moderate quality evidence-based research supporting product or course, namely, at least three peer-reviewed journal articles within the last 10 years.  The advertiser may also be requested by the SoWH to provide information on: relevance to SoWH membership, relevance to practice of abdominal and pelvic physical therapy, and safety to consumers.
  1. Company/organization must demonstrate ethical business practices

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