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Do not have the money or time to travel to an in-person regional course? Section on Women’s Health offers a variety of on-demand affordable home study modules and online courses that can easily fit into your schedule and budget! Upon registration, participants receive a purchase confirmation followed by an e-mail with access instructions to the home study materials. The courses consist of case samples, readings, a multiple choice test and a certificate of completion upon successful passing of the course.

Home Study Course Format

  • Downloadable PDF text reading, list of recommended complementary readings
  • Online multiple-choice question exam
  • You need a stable internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer to access the content and exam.

Benefits of Taking a Home Study Course

  • Open to Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants and Student Physical Therapists/Assistants
  • Self-paced learning experiences with user-friendly text format and visuals
  • Accurate and applicable evidence-based information
  • A cost-saving and convenient way to earn contact hours toward your CEUs and license

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VIEWMale Pelvic Pain
Presented byGerard Greene, MSc ( Manip Physio) , MCSP, MMACP, PG Cert H Ed

Men’s health physiotherapy is seen to be approx. 20 years behind female pelvic health in terms of research, training, mentoring and number of clinicians in this field. Male pelvic pain is a common condition with marked effects on quality of life and patients often go through a torturous path to find a clinician who can help their condition. This online seminar will present the condition of male pelvic pain and the role of physical therapy from a combined pelvic health and musculoskeletal perspective. It will also address the assessment and management of this complex condition and highlight the skill sets that are required and transferable between specialties. It will also highlight other subsets of patients such as those with athletic pelvic pain and also those centrally & sympathetically driven hard flaccid syndrome. As we need more physical therapists involved in male pelvic pain this webinar will also highlight ways of getting started in this specialist field and also how to develop a men’s health area of practice drawing on the experiences of Gerard & Jo.
1.0 Hrs
VIEWThe Nuts & Bolts of Prostate Cancer in Physical Therapy
Presented by Dr. Joanne Milios, B.Sc(Physio) HDR, PhD

This online video course covers a range of topics relevant to physical therapist providing clinical, evidence-based care for men undergoing treatment for Prostate Cancer. Participants will gain knowledge in understanding men’s health today: an introduction to the 5 year gender survival gap, physical therapy approaches in men’s health with a focus on prostate cancer, evidence-based physical therapy for men with urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease, current clinical strategies that can easily be implemented, pelvic floor muscle function tests and training programs based on Jo Milios’ research and strategies to enhance physical therapy for men’s in the clinic and community outreach.
2.5 Hrs
VIEWTrauma Sensitive Physical Therapy Care
Presented by Talli Rosenbaum, MSc

Experiencing a traumatic event may elicit a response of overwhelming fear, helplessness, and horror and for many, these feelings can persist well after the danger has passed. Undergoing a trauma can be a life-altering experience, and it can impact feelings and behaviors, as well as work personal and social relationships. The manner in which trauma survivors respond in health care settings, including physical therapy, often reflects their altered sense of safety in the world.

As it is estimated that up to 70% of people worldwide have been exposed to some type of trauma, it behooves health care professionals to apply universal precautions by providing trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed care.

In this on-demand online course designed for physical therapists, participants will learn the basics of trauma, how various types of trauma can affect people, and how trauma can affect how your patient interacts with you in therapy. General physical therapists as well as specialists in women’s and men’s health, where more invasive and intimate procedures are routinely provided, are invited to view this on-demand online course, and to learn skills for ensuring patients’ emotional and physical health in the physical therapy setting.
2.5 Hrs
VIEWAll Access Pass (1-Year)
Discounted 7-Course Bundle

Take 7 select online and home study courses to earn 24.5 contact hours at your own pace. Click the View button to see a list of included courses. This package includes 7 select courses, 7 post-course exams and 7 certificate of completion. Save $200 on the All-Access Pass by using promo code NPTM200 by October 15, 2019.
24.5 Hrs
VIEWUrogynecological Clinical Evaluation and Treatments, Level 1 by Daniel Gruber

This online video course will demonstrate a comprehensive urogynecological clinical evaluation and describe the most common diagnoses encountered in a typical female pelvic medicine or reconstructive surgery clinic. As part of a multidisciplinary team, the physical therapist will work closely with the women’s health care provider to evaluate the musculoskeletal causes of pain and dysfunction and to determine the proper interventions to manage the physical effects associated with pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, incontinence, urinary urgency and frequency, pregnancy or postpartum pain, and bowel dysfunction.
2.0 Hrs
VIEWLymphedema Management in Women´s Health Physical Therapy by Debora Chassé, MPT, DPT, WCS, CLT-LANA

This home study module was developed for the physical therapist who would like to learn more about lymphedema as well as prepare for the lymphedema portion of Women´s Health Clinical Specialist exam. Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) has been used universally to treat lymphedema since the 1800´s. The well-known Foldi Clinic is located in Germany and in the 1990´s CDT was brought to America to train practitioners. You will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system, lymphedema diagnoses, differential diagnoses and the phases and steps involved in CDT. The book takes you through the physical therapy initial evaluation for lymphedema following the guidelines for specialty practice. It also contains many case studies designed to enhance your application of CDT. CDT has many concepts and procedures that will additionally help patients with inflammation,? autoimmune disorders and pain. It is a must for all physical therapist. *Individuals must apply for CEU approval in their own states.
3.5 Hrs
VIEWPhysical Therapy Management of Patients with Chronic Pelvic Pain by Karen Abraham, PT, PhD, OCS and Laura Scheufele, PT

This downloadable course module provides a comprehensive introduction to physical therapy management of patients with chronic pelvic pain (CPP). This self-study module provides an overview of the pathology of CPP and common examination and intervention strategies for the management of these patients. The most recent evidence is presented along with “clinical pearls” based on the authors’ clinical experiences. Patient cases and a brief assessment are provided to facilitate application of the material to clinical practice.
6.0 Hrs
Physical Therapy Management of Osteoporosis: Prevention & Management by Carleen Lindsey, PT, MScAH, GCS, CEEAA and Nancey Johnson Bookstein, PT, EdD

This downloadable home study module is intended to give therapists a practical approach to comprehensive problem solving for the patient who presents with low bone density, and often a kyphosis, forward head, and protracted shoulder girdle. Skeletal anatomy and physiology as well as bone strength measurement strategies are presented. The scientific basis for current pharmacological treatment is discussed as well as surgical approaches for treating vertebral fractures. Evaluation and treatment planning are covered in great detail. Physical therapy interventions feature postural and resistance exercises, activities of daily living as exercise, and also some manual therapies. This course has been designed for the therapist to immediately apply the information in the clinical setting to patients with kyphosis, osteoporosis, and/or postural restrictions. The appendix section includes a large number of print-ready exercise interventions.
4.0 Hrs
VIEWMedical Management and Physical Therapy Management of High-Risk Pregnancy by Jean M. Irion, PT, EdD, SCS, ATC

This downloadable home study module is designed to provide an overview of the common medical conditions that place a pregnant women into a high risk category. Medical management, nutrition management, and physical therapy examination/evaluation and interventions for these medical conditions is also included. The effects of long-term bed rest, both physically and psychologically, are discussed. Lastly, common psychosocial issues for the mother and family members is addressed and includes information on referral sources for support services during a challenging pregnancy.
4.0 Hrs
VIEWPhysical Therapy in Obstetrics by Rebecca G. Stephenson, PT, DPT, MS

This is a downloadable home study module that aims to assist the practitioner who needs additional information on the basics needed to treat pregnant women. This home study covers anatomy, physiology, examination and treatment. Topics include: contraindications to exercise during pregnancy, examination strategies, Vena Cava syndrome, biomechanics of pregnancy, identifying treatment strategies for musculoskeletal dysfunctions, differentiating between low back and SIJ pain, and nerve palsies.
2.0 Hrs
VIEWEssential Terms and Concepts for Surface Electromyography Biofeedback in Surface Electromyography Instruments by D. Todd Shewman, BA Kin

This downloadable home study course is intended to give the practicing physical therapists a working knowledge of surface electromyography (SEMG) instrumentation.Quality treatment of patient with pelvic dysfunction requires a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and many treatment modalities.SEMG is only one part of a complete treatment. However, incomplete knowledge of SEMG can result in poor or incorrect application, interpretation, or treatments...
3.0 Hrs


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