2020 Course Host

Section on Women’s Health Continuing Education

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Section on Women’s Health-APTA course! Please, fill out the application below so that we can learn more about your facility or share this opportunity with someone you know that may be interested in hosting a course! We are excited to have your facility as a potential course site and hope this will be a rewarding experience for everyone!

Not sure which course you want to host? You may review the course descriptions here: Course Descriptions: http://old.womenshealthapta.org/coursecatalog/

Hosting Requirements

◙ Easy access to transportation, airports, hotels, and places to eat around your location

◙ Large lecture space to hold 40 students comfortably, with privacy necessary for Pelvic courses

◙ Lab tables for Pelvic and OB courses for lab practice

◙ Linens available, multiple garbage cans for disposal of waste

◙ Audiovisual capability including projection screens and equipment, computer system, and internet access

◙ A local course site coordinator that can be present during the course to help with trash removal, participant questions, facility issues, audiovisual issues, etc.

◙ The ability to provide light, healthy refreshments (reimbursable by SoWH)

Course Hosting Benefits:

◙ TWO free complimentary spots in the course hosted or payment honorarium option.

◙ Hosting courses strengthens the quality of education at your site.

◙ Our courses present up-to-date and evidence-based Obstetric and Pelvic curriculum.

◙ All changes to our course curriculum occur in a peer review/consensus process, meaning all lecture and lab modules are only accepted after through review and group consensus decision. The SoWH currently offers the only course curriculum with this level of rigorous standards.

If you have any questions, please contact Aika Barzhaxynova at [email protected]

Course Options:

◘ PH1 – Pelvic Health PT Level 1 (3-day)

◘ PH1 BC – Pelvic Health PT Level 1 Bridge Course (1-day)

◘ PH2 BD – Pelvic Health PT Level 2 Bowel Dysfunction (2-day)

◘ PH2 PP – Pelvic Health PT Level 2 Pelvic Pain (2-day)

◘ PH3 – Pelvic Health PT Level 3 (2-day)

◘ OBF – Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (3-day)

◘ OBA – Advanced Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (3-day)

◘ OBI – Considerations and Interventions for Intrapartum Support (3-day)

◘ GVM – Gynecologic Visceral Manipulation (4-day)

◘ SIJ – Tackling Sacroiliac and Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction (1-day)

◘ PEDS – Physical Therapy Treatment of the Pediatric Pelvic Floor Patient: Birth to 18 Years (2-day)

◘ UROGEN – Pelvic Floor Intervention Strategies for Urogenital and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation (1-day)


Aika Barzhaxynova

Director, Marketing & Business Development

[email protected]

Position: 2020 Course Host

Thank you for submitting your application. We will contact you shortly!

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