CAPP Course Lab Assistant Volunteer

This position has been created as an avenue for volunteerism within the Section on Women’s Health CAPP education coursework. The position may also provide an entry point for the volunteer if they are interested in serving on an Education Committee or as a Professional Lab Assistant in the future.

The Lab Assistant Volunteer is appointed by the Lab Assistant Coordinator, with recommendation from the CAPP Committee Chairs and Members, Course Instructors, and Lab Assistants. They must apply Appointees must be licensed physical therapists, have experience lab assisting at CAPP courses, and be Section on Women’s Health (Section) members in good standing for 1 year and 1 year of clinical experience prior to the appointment. Appointees must have completed the course for which they are volunteering or be a CAPP Committee member that oversees that course.


There is no honorarium or reimbursement payment associated with the Lab Assistant Volunteer role, nor is the travel and per diem covered for Lab Assistant Volunteers.  Volunteers must be section members and must have completed the course for which they are volunteering or be in training as a committee member of the CAPP Committees.


The Lab Assistant Volunteer will be evaluated by the Course Instructors and Professional Lab Assistants for  feedback on their performance. This process enables the volunteer to develop their skills in a supportive environment. All feedback will be given verbally during the course and on the Lab Assistant Volunteer Evaluation  form.


Lab Assistant Volunteers are expected to complete the responsibilities of the position which they have accepted with integrity, good judgment, and confidentiality. Failure to fulfill the duties and responsibilities outlined in this job description will result in dismissal by the Lab Assistant Coordinator.

  • Report to the Lab Assistant Coordinator
  • Consult with the CAPP Course Instructors as necessary.
  • Participate in live and telephone conference meetings that the Lab Assistant Coordinator and/or Instructors request.
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the course.
  • Remain at the course through its duration.
  • Provide assistance to the Instructors and Lab Assistant Coordinator as requested.
  • Be responsible for oversight of the SoWH table/booth during the course.
  • Arrange, promote, and answer questions about SOWH
  • Promote active SoWH volunteer involvement and membership and additional duties as requested onsite.
  • To be considered for the volunteer appointment, the candidate must provide a Curriculum Vitae to the Lab Assistant Coordinator along with the title and dates of the course for which they seek to volunteer.
  • If the lab assistant volunteer is unable to perform their duties,they must notify the Section (3) weeks prior to the date of the course. Only one lab assistant volunteer is permitted per course.
Position Benefits

This is a volunteer opportunity within the area of education for the SOWH.The Lab Assistant Volunteer will qualify for CEU credit for their participation in each course for which they volunteer. The post course test will need to be completed for CEU credit. As state physical therapy license rules vary, SOWH makes no guarantee that all states will recognize CEU for lab assisting.


Susan Giglio
Lab Assistant Coordinator
Section on Women’s Health
[email protected]

Position: CAPP Course Lab Assistant Volunteer

Thank you for submitting your application. We will contact you shortly!

Date posted
December 13, 2017
Position Type
Unpaid, Volunteer
Education, CAPP
Working Hours
Depends on the course for which you are volunteering. (ranges between 17-24 hours)
The CAPP Course Lab Assistant Coordinator serves for the individual course and would reapply for any additional individual courses.