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Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (OBF)

Course Description

Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy

This 3-day course provides practical, evidence-based knowledge and skill in physical therapy evaluation and intervention with the pregnant and postpartum patient. Didactic instruction includes: anatomical and physiologic changes in pregnancy; differential diagnosis in peri-partum; pregnancy-specific changes in posture and gait; postpartum recovery and scar tissue assessment and intervention; modalities during pregnancy, biomechanical strategies; exercise and wellness in pregnancy and postpartum. Additionally, advanced clinical decision making with these populations is discussed. Lab ratios of participants to lab instructors are set to ensure valuable attention to each participant. Labs offer skills that are immediately applicable in your clinic and include: modifications of the pregnant examination; lumbopelvic examination and special tests (particularly for pelvic girdle dysfunctions); diastasis rectus abdominis assessment and intervention; external pelvic floor assessment and exercise (NO internal pelvic floor taught at this course); exercise in pregnancy and postpartum; scar assessment and mobilization techniques. At the end of this course, all participants will participate in comprehensive situational lab scenarios to pull together all skills learned. Skills integration testing is performed at the end of the third day. If you are completing the CAPP-OB certificate track, you may take the three OB courses in ANY order. Learn more about the CAPP-OB certificate program.

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Pre-Requisites & Requirements

Open to: Licensed Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, 2nd Year and 3rd Year Student Physical Therapists*

We recommend students have some orthopedic/musculoskeletal coursework in their curriculum prior to attending the course.

Pre-requisites: None.

Attendance: Participants are expected to stay through the entire course; please make your travel plans accordingly. Deduction of contact hours hours and ineligibility to participate in the CAPP process (for those attending CAPP courses) will occur for participants who leave the course early.

Lab Participation: Participants will be working in groups of 2-3 during labs. All participants will participate in labs as both “clinician” and “patient.” These labs are appropriate for all participants to fully participate, including pregnant, post-partum and male participants.

Pre-Reading AssignmentsPre-readings are articles and cases that must be read and reviewed prior to Day 1 of the course. Pre-readings will be provided electronically to course participants prior to the course.

English Language Proficiency: If you are a foreign-educated physical therapist/assistant, you will need to pass the TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language) and meet the score requirements. There are some exemptions to the TOEFL requirement for individuals who are exempt under the USCIS regulations. TOEFL scores must be reported directly to SoWH for the purposes of determining eligibility for course attendance. The minimum TOEFL scores we require are the following: Reading: 21; Listening: 18; Writing: 24; Speaking: 26.


Course Schedule & Contact Hours

Day 1: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm *Registration begins at 7:30am*
Day 2: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Day 3: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm
Total: 24 Contact Hours

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to perform the following:


1) Describe the anatomic and physiologic changes related to pregnancy and postpartum and how they affect evaluation and intervention.

2) Perform an appropriate evaluation of a pregnant or postpartum patient with musculoskeletal dysfunction or pain.

3) Assess for diastasis rectus abdominis with objective measurement skills.



4) Differentiate between musculoskeletal and medical diagnoses based on the subjective and objective evaluation of a pregnant or postpartum patient.

5) Differentiate between low back, pelvic girdle and hip pain/dysfunction.

6) Develop functional goals for musculoskeletal impairments in pregnancy and postpartum based on a systematic interview and examination of the patient.



7) Develop an evidence-based plan of care for physical therapy intervention of pregnant or postpartum patients with musculoskeletal impairments or dysfunction.

8) Perform selected manual therapy interventions for the treatment of pregnant and postpartum patient.

9) Prescribe an appropriate wellness exercise program for a variety of skill levels for a pregnant or postpartum client.

Certificate Training Program (Optional)

Certificate of Achievement in Pregnancy/Postpartum Physical Therapy (CAPP-OB)
The Section on Women´s Health (SoWH) has developed the Certificate of Achievement in Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy (CAPP-OB) to certify that a physical therapist has completed a comprehensive education, training and testing program for management of pregnant and postpartum patients experiencing musculoskeletal dysfunction and high risk pregnancy. The CAPP is awarded to physical therapists who complete the required courses of training in pregnancy and postpartum physical therapy (OBIOBFOBA in any order), pass written and clinical testing requirements at each level and successfully complete and “pass” a written case reflection.To learn more, please visit:


Dates & Locations

Dates & Locations will be posted below as they become available.

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2019 Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (OBF)

DatesLocationEarly-Bird Rate Ends:Regular Rate Begins:Registration
October 4-6Houston, TX09/03/2019
Member: $700
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October 25-27Chicago, IL09/25/2019
Member: $700
Non-M: $800
Member: $775
Non-M: $875


November 8-10Boulder, CO10/07/2019
Member: $700
Non-M: $800
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Non-M: $875



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